Artist Statement

Most of what I make falls into the category of eccentricity, because I have never admitted a clear distinction between making images and living. If in my work I have managed to disguise a participation in my circumstances, I still cannot deny the eccentricity in what I make, since I make images precisely because I am only half there, if at all, in a rational world. I work by default and dislocation, and since I work out of an interstice, that place and time between what we know, I always try and invite others to discover one of their own, to see themselves inside the figures and circumstances of my pictures. I hope that when that line is crossed they see through my eyes, my manias and fears that reside in them as well, and that it is understood the frail and tenuous nature of ourselves and the ironic and often ridiculous situations that we bring on ourselves. Regardless of you or me, the monster is the same.